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Insights and strategies to create high performance companies

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How to Ensure the Success of Your Innovation Process

Seven ways to refresh innovation in your organization

by Mary Ahner, senior vice president, and Jerry Laird, executive vice president, Sinclair Group

Innovation means a lot of things to a lot of people. One view is that innovation is the process of actively ensuring that good ideas get to the marketplace efficiently and effectively.

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Editorial Corner

Is your organization maximizing innovation?

Editorial JJ Sauter
J.J. Sauter

Innovation is a priority for most organizations because it means staying in the game in a highly competitive marketplace. How does your organization capture good ideas and implement the right ones? Mary Ahner and Jerry Laird offer guidance on how to ensure your innovation process succeeds.

We have a new oil and gas website where you can read our perspective on shale plays. Also, be on the lookout for our new blog. It’ll give you advice on operational excellence and how to use organizational effectiveness as the foundation for sustaining your business for years to come.

Happy reading! — J.J. Sauter and the Sinclair Group Team


Read our perspective on shale plays at our new oil and gas website!



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Issue 22

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World Class Means Having a Work Process-centered Approach

Tools alone do not improve profits

Procedures, tools, Lean Six Sigma and other enablers used in continuous improvement and systems similar to 'Toyota Way,' don't affect how work is done. Nor do they address the holistic nature of complex, manufacturing operations. You can improve your performance and amplify your existing performance management system with a holistic, work process-centric implementation approach that leverages these systems and tools.

Here's how.

Improve Yourself — Lead better and accomplish more

Leaders Must Meet Their Future Selves
5 strategies to crystallize the future into the present
by Bruce Rosenstein, SmartBlog on Leadership

9 Things Great Leaders Do in Difficult Times
What to do when you’re suddenly under fire
by Bill Murphy Jr., Inc.

Improve Your Organization — Manage and motivate the human side

Why Big Teams Suck
Find out the size of the most effective teams
by Bob Sutton, LinkedIn

5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy and Engaged in Tough Times
How you can help them stay happier longer when times are hard
by Harvey Deutschendorf, Fast Company

Catalyst for Change — When, why and how to make it work

The Most Efficient Supply Chain Is Not the Most Effective
Margins don’t always grow, even with increased productivity
by Lora Cecere, Forbes

Strategic Thinking and Planning in a Learning Culture
How an organization looks at past and present to determine best route to take
by Scott MacFarlane, Training



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